1954 Chevy P/U - Get Your Motor Running

1954 was a transition year for Chevrolet and their Advanced in Design trucks. A new front graced this one year body but the heart and soul remained the same from previous years. This particular truck some 60 years later was successfully powered by the original full pressure 235. Slight upgrades had been performed throughout the years like a new front suspension, brake package, and modern 5 speed. 

The final pieces were a potent 350 block to supplant the old faithful 6 cylinder and power steering to ease the parking lot drama we all have faced with armstrong steering. The owner desired to retain the original patina finish while having a clean and modern looking engine. 

What says 50's hot rod more than red? We had the same conclusion so the engine was meticulously cleaned and detailed to showcase Red. Not just any red would do but a custom blend with a  purposeful application resulted in bright red being offset by chrome. Two high-powered opposites like these surely will produce the desired wow factor. 

Going further dual rams horn exhaust manifolds finished with our in-house high temp coating nicely complements the overall color package and adequately controls pesky emissions. Retaining the manual transmission and mounting required some modification to the firewall for engine clearance, but with countless years of metal manipulating in their belt BWC elegantly massaged the interference issues with ease. 

The increase in engine size necessitated slight modification to the steering arraignments, fortunately fear has never prevented BWC. Charging ahead the much needed corrections were applied resulting in clearance and newfound steering ease. Being thrilled with these modifications the owner decided to freshen up the dash instrumentation.

By selecting our Omega Kustom electric gauges this truck not only is powerful but honest and that is what we all want from our lives!