1954 Chevy Sedan Delivery - A car & truck

What more need be done to this sweet unique ride? A car capable of hauling like a pickup, how cool is it to be chauffeured by this vehicle! This particular ride only needed a few final touches, specifically modern power seats and a clean wire harness installation.

Most shy from rewiring their classics, but this decision is extremely dangerous as a faulty wire or connection can end the precious life of a classic car. When we stumbled across this car this was the exact scenario as the car was only hot-wired using residential grade wire and wire nuts. Scary to think this beauty was being motored down roadways in this condition. Fortunately BWC hasn't seen a car yet too difficult to wire.

After an careful and extensive disassembly the various components lacking connections were reunited and a whole vehicle was reborn. Finally capable to express thoughts through head lights, tail lights, and turn signals no longer would this car rudely navigate the roadways of life.

Life truly is a highway and every mile should be enjoyed.  There is no better way to enjoy those miles than in the comfort of power adjusted seats clad in leather caressing every inch.