1956 Chevy Bel Air- Tri 5 done right

The average power a 1956 Bel Air had was well, average. Like anything is life we should always be looking for ways to improve and do things better than before. That mindset influenced every twist and turn of the iconic 56 Bel Air. 

Power. We can't honestly have a hot rod without power, and this particular one whomps out nearly 500. Thats right nearly 500 ponies. That number is staggering especially when it is combined with modern reliability of Electronic Fuel Injection. EFI is something the team at BWC tries to encourage every classic car owner to strongly consider. The reliability of a modern car combined with the beautiful classic lines of yesteryear. 

Style. What more can be done to these beautiful lines. Most will agree that the Tri-5 Chevys were nearly perfect and little can or should be done to improve them. We passionately agree so countless hidden modifications were performed but constant consideration to the iconic shell was maintained. Modern power steering expressed through a rack / pinion unit perfectly allows the driver to control every movement. Never again will this classic chariot waver in her course. 

Gigantic wheel and tire units were employed to update the exterior while not straying too far from classic looks. The large and stylish 5-spoke rims wrapped in corner hugging low profile tires enable this beauty to carve every corner of the road. All four corners are adequately suspended through compressed air completely adjustable to the drivers every wish. At an instant they can be increased or decreased by electronic dash mounted controls.   

Classic looks with modern function and reliability are combined in this truly one of a kind car.