About Us


What's in a name?

Many ask us "What does BWC stand for"? Several years ago before its inception, members of BWC Customs were brainstorming ideas for a name. The usual ideas quickly popped up in everyone's minds, but from day 1 BWC Customs has striven to differentiate themselves from the crowd and that had to begin with a name.

Not just any name would do! So the ongoing pursuit of a distinct name began. While the letters BWC can stand for many things, the founders felt it was essential to demonstrate their priority: Family. The founders familial bonds motivated a name, Brothers Who Customize. 

We at BWC make every attempt to treat our clients like family, at least the family you enjoy! We believe the fulfillment of a customer's custom car dreams connects both sides like family and it is vital we value YOU that way. 

Our mindset has always been "if you want it custom, call us because we do what no one else can or wants to".

Unparalleled Style

In a world of boring similarities, the custom car world is everyones attempt at distinction. Inside of all of us is the desire to stand out from the crowd, to be noticed and admired. 

By offering in-house fabrication, one off machining, expertise with converting to Electronic Fuel Injection combined with all around excellence we at BWC Customs pledge to deliver both a unique experience and product.

We pride ourselves in not only selling but installing top quality American made products like Rebel Wire and Omega Kustoms in our various projects. 

One recent "Best of Show" resurrection required special attention to the enemy of all classic cars: Rust. This 1941 Chevy Rodstoration required every nut & bolt to be removed and a complete deconstruction ensued including a complete disassembly of frame. To ensure many more years of faithful service we opted to blast and completely Zinc coat entire frame and related components to achieve this high standard.  

So if you want it custom, done right, and an experience you will treasure for eternity, then call us.