EFI Conversions... The Future for our Classic Rides

Hot rods and Classic cars are facing an uncertain future. Feeling pressure from legislative, environmental, and economic influences hot rods and classic cars will potentially become extinct and only a thing of the past. No longer will the thrill and excitement from riding in that car be an affordable pleasure. As gas prices continue to rise and fluctuate the pleasure from owning and driving a unique ride is increasingly expensive and seemingly impossible.

Sure classic cars are extremely fun to drive. From the original styling, to unique sounds they make going through the power band, every mile gives the owner that toothy grin we all covet. Every mile except the ones to the gas station. If we don't address these issues for our cars then the next generation will not appreciate classic cars nor desire them. Suddenly classic cars will be extinct like the dinosaurs. 

We at BWC Customs understand the excitement and pride auto enthusiasts exude standing before their ride and the frustration felt with the daily cost of operation. Even on the best of days a carburetor perfectly tuned for the ever changing atmosphere will be lucky to achieve high single digits mileage.

We convince ourselves its not that bad getting 10 miles per gallon, but imagine what driving the same car and all the pleasures with it while getting double the miles per gallon! Suddenly the trip to the local drive in, grocery store, or rod run becomes a realistic opportunity.

Envision not dreading the gas station any more while cruising. How exciting would it be to take that special person out for a memorable night in the car instead of another boring and routine evening?

Sure, you say that would be great but it must be too expensive to achieve, right? Only someone with a money tree could afford?

Stop saying that one day you will convert when the stars line up, and say that day is today!  

Call or email us to find out how we can make this a reality for you. We can tailor the EFI conversion for your specific application. 619-303-8079 

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